About Us


Aims & Objectives


The Central purposes of our services’ provision are to safe guard and promote the welfare of young people.


In our assessment of the young person, we will aim to identify their needs and the best response to these.


We aim to involve the young person in all the decision making process. In so doing Berean Homes will work together in consultation with other professionals, familiar with the circumstances of the individual young person.


We aim to assess the young person’s emotional and behavioural development needs, in order to enable them to make use of wider resources to manage independent living.


Where applicable, Berean Homes will work together with the relevant children’s services in planning and providing services that are central to young people and their families.


About Berean Homes

Berean Homes provides accommodation and support for 16-25 year old. Our accommodation offers a structured supportive and nurturing environment, whereby young people are listened to and encouraged to work hand in hand with our experienced staff, together with other professionals in order to realize their potential.

  • Supporting Young People
  • Development
  • Accomodation

Why our Work is our Passion?

We conduct an interview

We recognize the exact type of problem


In keeping up with our Values and Company Ethos’ reputation for Providing Quality Care, for the young people, is nurtured and have processes in place to ensure it is maintained.

We aim to work with other child’s services professionals, in order to ensure that the young person is receiving the best quality of care whilst staying in our homes.


Our carers are required to complete a care certificate, they are also encouraged and supported in completing Level 3 Diploma in Children and Young People Workforce. The company supports their Continuous Professional Development. All staff will be trained in:

  • Emergency first aid at work
  • Fire Awareness
  • Safeguarding

  • Child Sexual exploitation awareness
  • Diploma level 3 in health and social care/children and young people workforce
  • Team teach
  • Food hygiene/safer food
  • Safe administration of medication
  • Bullying
  • Runaways
  • PACE. Self-harm awareness